I hate getting old.

Well, not so much getting old, but what old does to you physically.That gravity does not sleep as it pulls on your body constantly. Your life battery runs on low and you have to recharge it more frequently. Less endurance, less physical strength, less hormones.

Then there is the outside world and its view on age. The corporate world that thinks age has no value. The feeling that as one gets older that one becomes less intelligent. Age has a lot of negative stigma.

But there is a gift that comes with getting older.

In our youth it is like we look through a lens of short sightedness. We see what is up close. We do not see distance.

When we come into this world we are as an empty book. Consciously and unconsciously recording and making choices, right or wrong, upon what we see, feel, hear, and experience good or bad. It has been said that we make most of our important life decisions between the ages of three and four and this without a “how to” manual on life. Kind of a frightening thought when you think about it.

My husband lost his hearing at the age of 12 months. He was a year old. It was a life changing event. What is amazing is he remembers it! He remembers hearing and then  in an instant, was shut off from the world. He felt that he broke something. He saw frustrated faces  as angry faces. The angry faces, in a child’s world, meant that he must of done something wrong. Although he lost his hearing due to a fever, he made a non verbal observation that he was at fault. In that paradigm he started to make life choices as young as 12 months.

In youth were are not aware of how we are processing life. We are too busy in it. We are distracted by the material world. Too busy trying to be “cool” and forgetting our souls, our spirit.

Upon meeting my first husband, I was clueless as to “baggage”. At 20 baggage was suitcases in the trunk of the car. Didn’t know about red flags either. Like the one my ex tossed while we were dating, casually mentioning that he worried that he had a dark side. Star Wars was not out yet to give me that clue. Funny the things you remember years later.

The gift of getting older is the lens of insight. It is like getting you first pair of glasses and seeing the things you missed. Time is not only is healing, but it gives us a perspective that was not nor could be perceivable in our youth. Time allows us, if we are willing, to process our mistakes, our wrong turns, our miss-perseptions. To see them, learn from them and forgive ourselves and others.

It allows us to reconnect with our spiritual selves that got lost in the bells and whistles of the material world. It allows us to look a history and see that every generation is plagued with choices of right and wrong, good and evil, even when it did not seem to be apparent at the time. Over time God hand us glasses. If we are willing to take them, we see and learn a lot. It allows us to change for the better if we so choose.  And if we do, it will allow us to find peace and a sense of joy.

Time in this world is a gift from God. Getting old is a rite of passage, and for those willing the attaining of wisdom.

About pinkpaperclip

By day, I am a designer in the social expression industry and art director of yourpreciousportraits.com. I enjoy a good story and the good people in my life. I have come to realize that the most important growth is spiritual and God blesses us with his love beyond our imagination.
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