Mixing Fun Photos with Illustration

Oliver having fun

Okay, I think I am on a bit of a roll here in creating a theme.

Before I retired from greeting card world, I’d create fun images out of existing photographs. You can probably see some of the influence of my history as a greeting card designer show up here.

Serious OliverMy grandson is a blur of motion so there are a lot of out takes. Thank God for the digital camera! The fun part starts in selecting the shot that I can create a story around. In the above illustration my grandson has the illusion of sitting up, and I do say an illusion because he is only 4 months old and just learning to roll over. When I looked at the rattle he was holding the idea blossomed of him behind a mike.

Oliver listening to Roy RogersThis one was created for a Facebook post on how I get my grandson to go down for a nap. I had discovered an old CD: Roy Rogers Tribute which I used to call my “milk and cookies” music. As it turn out the music which includes “Happy Trails” is great wind down music. By the end of the album my pally is having sweet dreams.

There are so many ways now to publish photos in book formats and greeting cards which beats thirty years ago of picking up your photos from the drug store and sticking them in an album. One of my son’s baby albums needs rescuing. The backers are yellowed and the pages are coming loose.  Restoring it will be a whole other project that will take some thought.

About pinkpaperclip

By day, I am a designer in the social expression industry and art director of yourpreciousportraits.com. I enjoy a good story and the good people in my life. I have come to realize that the most important growth is spiritual and God blesses us with his love beyond our imagination.
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