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Now and Then

While being busy in retired life, as you can see from my lack of posts in the last several months, I have been reflecting a lot about “getting old”. It happens quite a bit in my age group, which is … Continue reading

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Looking Though Lens of Time

While looking at old family photos just before Father’s Day, I was thinking of my dad and the fact that my son will soon become a father. How time flies! It gave me inspiration to create another page for the … Continue reading

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Family Resemblance

While growing up friends of my parents would comment how I looked like my dad. Of course from young child’s perspective looking at someone 30 years older and of the opposite sex it was hard to relate. Going through the … Continue reading

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I hate getting old. Well, not so much getting old, but what old does to you physically.That gravity does not sleep as it pulls on your body constantly. Your life battery runs on low and you have to recharge it … Continue reading

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Bidding Summer Adieu

There is a bittersweet feeling when it comes to Labor Day. Summer as we know it is all but gone. In fact, I feel I missed most of summer. My husband and I were too busy with “projects” and missed … Continue reading

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