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Censorship and Friendship

Election years are not fun, especially this year with the country so divided on very passionate issues. I am reminded of the saying: “Thou shall not discuss religion, sex or politics”. But during these times they are hard to avoid. … Continue reading

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Signs and Passages: Looking Forward to Retirement

My life has gone through some pretty big changes. I have retired  from my career of designing greeting cards for 39 years and I have become a new grandmother. A new grandchild is a wonderful gift. Retiring was my choice. … Continue reading

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It has been a busy last couple of months. Lots of pressures, lots of stress, and lots of distraction. I have been meaning to write, but have been at a loss of words. Someone made a comment that started to … Continue reading

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I hate getting old. Well, not so much getting old, but what old does to you physically.That gravity does not sleep as it pulls on your body constantly. Your life battery runs on low and you have to recharge it … Continue reading

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Handling the Blues

Sometimes when we are feeling blue we find ourselves uncomfortably stuck there. We dwell in the land of things we can not change. It weighs down on us like a heavy weight almost paralyzing us by its very nature. Although … Continue reading

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